You have done your research and know how laser hair removal works, but you are unsure if it is the right thing for you. Depending on you skin tone and hair color, laser hair removal may not be the best option.

Skin & Hair Tones

Laser hair removal works best on patients with dark pigmented hair. When the laser targets hair follicles it needs a pigment to attach the laser to. If you have blonde hairs, laser hair removal may not be the best options for since it may take up to three times longer for the hair removal process to work.

The Treatment Areas

How big of an area are you looking to treat? Depending on the size, it may be more worth while. A small area such as your upper lip will be much cheaper and cause a much larger confidence boost than doing your legs. And your bikini line may be more convenient for you not to worry about anymore instead of under your arms. Think about the clothes you usually wear and how often the treatment area will be exposed. Also, think about how often you shave or wax these areas. If you only have to shave your legs once every 4 days, your hair growth may not be bad enough to start laser treatment.


If you are wanting your bikini line done for your spring break trip, realize that it will take several treatments for you to see noticeable differences. This is a process you would want to start many months before your trip. If time is of the essence you may want to try waxing instead.

If laser treatment is for you, we want to help! Schedule a free consultation today to speak with our staff about your options.